Standalone builder current?

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Tue Oct 24 03:59:07 EDT 2006

I have been able to resolve my issues with the help of Rev Support.

1. One issue (Bugzilla 3514) was a known bug with an easy workaround 
that I thought I had done but hadn't.
2. Another issue (Bugzilla 3386) was resolved by including a library 
that was not obvious.
3. The third issue I also have a workaround for.

Sorry if I gave the impression that I have anything but the highest 
regards and affection for Rev. My hypothesis about wrong versions being 
included were incorrect.

Bill Vlahos

On Oct 19, 2006, at 7:59 PM, Bill Vlahos wrote:

> I have a weird problem. I'm seeing a couple of bugs in a standalone 
> that I'm not seeing in the IDE. In fact, both of these are bugs that 
> were "fixed" previously. Since there are two of these I'm wondering if 
> the 2.7.4 version of Rev I have either doesn't have the current 
> versions of things or is somehow incorporating the wrong ones.
> I have tried it on a couple of different Macs but both of them have 
> previous versions of Rev and were upgraded.
> When I saw one bug "come back" I figured it must not have gotten 
> incorporated into whatever is used in a standalone. But when I saw the 
> other one two it got me thinking it might be something else.
> Anyone else seeing this? How can I tell? I seem to recall discussion 
> along similar lines but I can't remember the details.
> Bill Vlahos
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