Resizable stack with a custom shape

Derek Bump list at
Tue Oct 24 01:21:50 EDT 2006

Bill Marriott wrote:
> Hmmm.... I don't have any trouble keeping the taskbar button with a 
> windowshape in 2.6.1. Minimize (iconify) also works.

I could have sworn that I had a bugzilla entry for this issue.  But like 
I said (or maybe I didn't say) it was an old issue that I'm no longer 
worried about.  Good news... just tested it in 2.7.2 and it's working as 
well.  Maybe the bug's been fixed since I posted it.

But the main issue here is let me know if the external works for your 
purposes.  If not, let me know and I'll send you an example I made for 

Derek Bump
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