record sound kills USB audio output

Dan Soneson sonesond1 at
Mon Oct 23 15:33:09 EDT 2006

This one's a weird one. I am working on a Macintosh version 10.4.7. I  
have a set of computers in my language lab that are using Plantronics  
A-90 headsets with iMics through the USB port. Recently I switched  
some computers to a Logitech USB headset without the need for an  
iMic. Both headsets have microphones attached. I have an app that  
records user voice input using the record sound command. When I  
record with the Plantronics, everything is fine. However, when I  
record with the Logitec headset, the microphone works fine and a file  
is recorded, but the earphones no longer receive sound. In other  
words, even though the computer sound output is directed to the  
Logitech USB Headset, we can hear nothing through the headset. In  
fact, the headset audio is dead until we reboot the machine.

Has anyone seen this? It's a weird phenomenon, since the system has  
been working fine until I installed a few of the newer USB headsets.  
Now I have nothing but trouble. And this only malfunctions when I  
issue a record sound call from within Rev. The application I have  
been using was built with Rev 2.6.1, but the problem persists in Rev  


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