AVI versus MOV in standalones - Apple Quicktime regulations

james z jazu at comcast.net
Mon Oct 23 18:42:24 EDT 2006

Could you have two movies? .mov for Macs and .wmv for windows users?
Although .mp3 sounds good too.
James Z.

On 10/23/06 2:23 PM, "Dan Shafer" <revolutionary.dan at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've been studying this question as well for some time and I keep coming to
> different conclusions depending on which multimedia guru I've consulted most
> recently. :-)
> The most recent input I got said, "Why don't you just encode in mp3 and let
> the system figure out what's the best app for displaying your movie, thus
> avoiding all the proprietary garbage?" Since I didn't have an answer to that
> one, and since the guy who asked it isn't someone I know other than by rep,
> I just sort of punted.
> But now that the question is on the table, can someone here who knows this
> stuff answer that question?
> On 10/23/06, Bill Marriott <wjm at wjm.org> wrote:
>> Steve,
>>> Can all of this be avoided, including the necessity of including the
>>> Quicktime
>>> installer, by making the Windows version of the standalones using AVI
>>> format?
>>> Do all Windows computers come with AVI reading capabilities
>> preinstalled?
>>> Would there be any drawback to using AVI rather than MOV format?
>> Thanks.
>> This are great questions. All Windows computers come with the ability to
>> play AVI files (at least, outside of Rev). This article lists the default
>> codecs installed:
>> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/899113
>> Windows Media player will automatically download [certain supported]
>> codecs
>> as required, but I don't think embedded AVIs (in Rev stacks) have this
>> ability.
>> I don't think there's any drawback to using AVI on Windows except for the
>> extra coding involved.
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