Resizable stack with a custom shape (was: Re: Transparent stacks...)

Bill Marriott wjm at
Mon Oct 23 16:03:23 EDT 2006

Hi Scott,

> The alternate
> way to do an expanding stack is to employ 2 states, with 2 bitmaps: one
> bitmap has the stack in a normal mode, and the other bitmap has the stack 
> in
> its expanded mode.  You then provide a button to toggle the windowshape
> between the two states and use the appropriate bitmap accordingly.

Oh, I understand what you mean perfectly :) I use that approach in my 
as-yet-unfinished client for ChatRev, where a button "pops" the room list 
open and shut. But yeah, I had wanted to be able to have a "smooth" and 
arbitrary resize of a rounded window... kind of like how it works in the 
newer versions of Windows Media Player and MSN Messenger.


> Another way to consider doing this is to turn OFF the windowShape property
> while resizing, then after resizing is finished, calculate a new 
> windowshape
> and apply it at that time.

I think I will play with that a little to see how the performance and screen 
behavior plays out. But I think if a user has "live resizing" turned on in 
Windows, I wouldn't be able to override that, and things would look pretty 
ugly for the duration of the resize operation, right? 

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