Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

Bill Marriott wjm at
Fri Oct 20 16:16:41 EDT 2006


Normally I'd agree with you, and this is why I tried to specifically address 
WHY I don't feel Bugzilla is the appropriate avenue at this point, in my 
original post. To oversimplify, I feel end-user bug reporting is good for 
helping to track down obscure or difficult-to-pin-down issues -- NOT 
addressing core problems that should be obvious with cursory examination. 
Sure there's a huge range of things in between, but hopefully you get my 

It's moot now, as my trial of 2.7.4 is expired. I'll have to wait-and-see 
for the next version.

Like I said, it takes time to file these reports, and my job is NOT to do 
free, full-time QA for Rev. Surely as a QA professional you can understand 
the value of such work.

Mark Wieder wrote:

> While I agree with you on all these points (all right - I haven't seen
> the application error on quit thing, but I'll grant that YMMV) I do
> have to take issue with this one. The first step in getting some of
> these problems fixed is to write up a report on it. The BZ interface
> is the connection between the users and the rev team. They may look in
> on the list casually now and then, but they do pay attention to the
> bug reports. 

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