Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Oct 20 17:56:06 EDT 2006

I'm not ready to jump on Bill, for IMO, there is some value to what he has
to say.

Here are some simple facts. To my knowledge, many of the professional
developers making a living scripting, are not doing it in Rev 2.7.x-- yet. I
know I'm not. The script editor, for the way I program, is just not usable
yet (and please don't go on about 3rd party add-ons).

This doesn't mean the engine isn't sound. I am pretty sure it's as good or
probably much better than 2.6.x. Also, many of the hard-core pro developers
(like Klaus, Jacque, Ken, Scott Rossi, and Richard) are using the MetaCard
Open Source interface with the 2.7 engine and seem to be doing fine. So, I
think most of the problems, as Jacque correctly surmises, is in scripting--
be it user error, or Rev's own script bugs.

I *really* *really* like the new installer, because it does allow for quick
updating and rollbacks. Sorry the shortcut is busted, but that's a pretty
easy thing to fix, and certainly not a blocker. I also have to
(begrudgingly) admit I like the whole U3 thing too. In fact, if you're not
able to run the installer on Vista, then download the U3 version of Rev and
use it off a USB drive, as I feel pretty sure THAT should work in Vista.

BTW, Bill, thanks for the rundown on Vista as I've a few customers who have
been asking about it and I just haven't had the time to test. Much

Bill, I am sorry you aren't subscribing to the update program. RunRev is a
small company, and a very passionate one with limited resources. I truly
believe they are doing their very best and every little bit of support (both
$$$ wise and Bugzilla-wize) helps. If you were an Enterprise user, you would
have access to the improve list where often a beta is available for testing
and user feedback. Having someone of your obvious skills and knowledge would
of course help.

I have delivered a couple apps in 2.7 without problems, but I just find the
IDE too cumbersome at this time to 'live in.'

I'm sure your QUIT issue, as Jacque explains, is a scripting problem. I've
run into it a number of times on Windows and have to make sure I close
everything. Check out the shutdownrequest handler.

Jumping on Bill for voicing concerns over real issues also doesn't solve
anything. I think Rev continues to improve the 2.7.x architecture with each
release. We do have to remember, 2.7.x is a mostly a complete graphics
engine rewrite, and as such is bound to have more problems than just adding
a feature or two here and there. Frankly, I'm surprised how well
ButtonGadget2 runs inside of 2.7, as it really does push many of the
graphics engine features to the max.

Sorry for the long post, but I do believe this type of discussion is
helpful-- at times.


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