Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Fri Oct 20 16:10:20 EDT 2006

Yo! Andre Garzia!

I am tha "someone" - I don't know why people can't
call a spade a spade - or for that matter call people
by their real names - I am quite prepared to stand up
and be counted for my comments; daft or not.

1. I was not comparing RRMedia with DreamCard: I was
stating that I like DC 2.6.1 a lot and that I don't
RRMedia at all.

2. My comment about the change of stack format:

    It should have still been possible had RR wanted
to, to make stacks made under the new format openable
by previous recensions of RR - after all, it is
possible to save into the old format with Studio and

The reason, as I see it, for the new stack format, was
a way to push users into upgrading - this is not a new

Now - while Bill Marriott's message may be interpreted
as a "flamefest" (and I would choose to interpret it
another way) - mine was not a flamefest - I do believe
it would behoove RR to slow down the pace of
development - and demonstrate a more responsive
attitude towards its dedicated user community (which,
oddly enough, I count myself a member). I think that
most users of the RR Use-List will have to admit
(probably with their teeth gritted) that while I am
often a pain in the ***, I have demonstarted some sort
of continuity and support towards other RR users.

I do wonder why every criticism of things "RR" is
taken as negative by some people - when a little bit
of thought would show that it is often offerd as
constructive criticism based on many years of

I, for reasons I cannot quite work out, feel that RR
is by far the best RAD on the market today - and my
messages are offered as suggestions and positive
criticisms . . .

and, just maybe,

Bill Marriott's are offered in the same spirit!

Love, Richmond


"Philosophical problems are confusions arising owing to the fluidity of meanings users attach to words and phrases."
                                       Mathewson, 2006

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