Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

Joel Guillod joel.guillod at
Fri Oct 20 09:42:24 EDT 2006

Alas I think you are true, Bill, I am afraid!
I have to agree with you although my work is not as impossible as you  
report yours. Obviously there is some serious management issue in  
Runrev which is not a new one... And this is a pity because  
Revolution concept drives a very productive development environment.  
And you are true, not taking for serious our bugs we take time to  
fill (for free, yes!) is reflecting a very bad quality and doubtfull  
respect against Runrev customers (and yes I dont - or at least I  
hesitate to - fill bugs since years-old-bugs are still unaddressed.  
Also these persistent attitudes make flee a lot of the professional  
developers... I would hate to get the news that Runrev or any other  
company resigns from continuing to upgrade Revolution. Will version 3  
be a new age for a better Revolution? Maybe some EurRevcon members  
will know soon.
I do not want to be too dark and I still have faith in those in  
Runrev who are actually trying to do their best in order to enhance  
Revolution. Because, yes, I am confident that there are still people  
in Runrev who work with pride and for quality... but this is a story  
I dont have any weight and this is better so. As you, Bill, my own  
weight is in buying future yearly upgrades.

Le 20 oct. 06 à 10:39, use-revolution-request at a écrit :

> ...
> Some of you will say, "Bill it would be much more productive if you  
> filed
> all this in Bugzilla." Well, I'm all for contributing to the  
> community. But
> it takes time and effort to file a decent bug report. ... I haven't
> seen action on other serious bugs, and I haven't seen the kind of  
> quality
> that suggests even casual inspection on the part of Rev's release  
> team.
> ... Where is the pride in your work product?
> ... So, when YOU demonstrate
> some good faith -- releasing a reasonably robust product, and  
> committing to
> free bug fixes -- then perhaps I will work as your unpaid Quality  
> Assurance
> Engineer.

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