Problem with hiding taskbar and RR 2.7.4?

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Oct 20 09:55:10 EDT 2006

Dag William,

> Hi there,
> I use the 'hide menubar' script in my latest app and it works fine on
> OSX but not on Windows XP. After searching the documentation I noticed
> I have to use 'hide taskbar' to have the same result on Windows XP but
> it doesn't work. The app is made with RR 2.7.4!
> It gets stranger because on another app I used the same code 'hide
> menubar' and that works fine on OSX and WIndows XP. That app was
> compiled with RR 2.6.1!
> Is this a bug or has something changed?
> Can someone confirm my 'problem'?

Works here, at least in the IDE.
Does it work in your IDE?

> greetings,
> William de Smet


Klaus Major
klaus at

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