Fingerprint Scanners

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Wed Oct 18 15:47:51 EDT 2006

If the device is connected through a serial port and provides text 
data to read, then it should work with the serial port commands (and 
usb with a keyspan or other serial to USB adapter). Bar code scanners 
work this way. If it's USB only, it would be more of a problem and a 
external may have to be created to make it work, unless the device 
developer provides a SDK.

>I am about to begin a project that may require the use of a fingerprint
>scanner. Do any of  you have experience with reading the "identified user"
>result from such devices using Revolution? This will not be a heavy
>security scenario. I just need the users name to go into a field of a rev
>Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at>

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