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Viktoras Didziulis viktoras at
Sun Oct 8 23:33:28 EDT 2006

Sure, but 'say out of 538 only 147 kbytes are text. All the rest comes in
binary... One can "easily" read dbf and many other files as text but there
is not much use in this. It can not be treated, searched, analysed or edited
as xml.
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From: Mark Wieder 
Date: 10/08/06 19:02:46 
To: How to use Revolution 
Subject: Re: Google Code Search 
Friday, October 6, 2006, 1:26:07 AM, you wrote: 
> As we all know stacks in Rev are binary files with scripts as text. My 
Have you grepped a stack lately? Or opened it in a text editor? 
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