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Mon Oct 9 01:57:12 EDT 2006

  You were right in assuming I wanted hilites.  I just wasn't sure how to
say it.  I already have the program made and the interface done, I was just
looking for a way to improve it.  Right now the interface is pretty simple.
It is designed to look a little like LCARS (
from Star Trek (we do space simulations).  So we have various buttons and
controls, and everything else is black.  I wanted to add hilites to all the
black that is already there, without redoing all the images and opening them
in Photoshop to make the black transparent.  What I would like to do is add
an image over the top of everything that is the hilites, but only shows up
when the pixel is completely black.  That way I could add a cool effect,
without redoing the whole interface.


On 10/8/06, Dar Scott <dsc at swcp.com> wrote:
> On Oct 8, 2006, at 9:20 PM, Bridger Maxwell wrote:
> >  I have a need for an ink that makes an image visible ONLY if the
> > color
> > beneath it is a specific color.  I was shooting for black, but I
> > can work
> > with whatever color is possible.  I have a program where all empty
> > space is
> > black.  This has advantages because it is very easy to move object
> > around
> > without having to worry about how it fits into the background.  My
> > thought
> > would be to have an image and an ink that shows up only where it is
> > black.
> > Then I could give the black space a cool shiny black look (like
> > frontrow),
> > or whatever else.
> I'm a little confused about what you want.  You mention a "specific
> color" and then you want to have a "cool shiny black look" which I
> assume means that you put highlights on it.
> This might do what you want:
> This needs 2.7.
> Choose any color or texture for your empty space color.  Make it
> transparent where you don't want color.  You can make an image that
> is transparent in those place and you can also build up a shape with
> multiple graphics grouped to together.  Call that the "empty space"
> object.
> Group that with the image you want to move around with the image to
> the front.  Set the ink of the "empty space" and the group to
> blendSrcOver.  Set the ink of the image you want to move around to to
> blendSrcAtop.
> The opaqueness of the objects in the group under the image will allow
> the image to show.  Outside of the image (or where it is transparent)
> the color or texture of the underlying "empty space" will show through.
> If I missed what you want, I apologize.
> You might not need any special ink.  An alternate approach would be
> to set the color of the card to black.  Make everything else not
> black.  Then put the moving image between everything else and the
> card.  That is, move it to the far back.
> Dar
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