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Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sun Oct 8 21:20:47 EDT 2006

I don't care really, if the prices stay that low, or on a per-piece basis.
What's important to me is the ability for the modules be used in a 
standardized manner like Mark Weider's proposals.

Free is nice but there has to be some kind of mechanism (and some 
labor) to organize and deliver. Jerry's Galaxy free, being free, is 
an ideal platform for this. But as you know, presenting, storage and 
indexing of code snippets is not  always a trivial exercise somebody 
had to keep house.

By the way, Marielle, whatever you're doing with Drupal is great. The 
Transcript code displays beautifully - how do you do that? 

The indenting and colors is just right and looks like an old-timey 
dot matrix printout. I love it.

>Ok, what amount of time each week are you ready to contribute to 
>such an effort? If the answer is zero, then best would be to wait 
>3-4 months and be ready to pay $16-24 a month and to have all 
>material of interest locked up in that paying service since all 
>major contributors of this list will register.
>I am afraid, that's how it work. To expect to get something for 
>free, you need to be ready to give something for free.

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