OT: Macbook Random Shutdown

Marian Petrides mpetrides at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 8 18:57:27 EDT 2006

Actually, the MacBook Pro also had a battery recall (but not because  
of fire hazard).  At the moment there is no recall in place for  
MacBook (not Pro) batteries.

On Oct 8, 2006, at 5:12 PM, Sarah Reichelt wrote:

> On 10/9/06, Shari <shari at gypsyware.com> wrote:
>> Is it a new computer?  There is a huge battery recall for laptop
>> computers.  All batteries made by Sony are being recalled, and this
>> is affecting many brands of laptops.  Something about the batteries
>> overheating, and apparently some have caught fire.  I wonder if a hot
>> battery would cause the computer to shut down?  Though if that were
>> so, surely there wouldn't have been actual fires.
> No, the recalled Apple batteries are all in iBooks & PowerBooks. The
> MacBooks with the shutdown problem use different batteries that have
> not been recalled.
> Sarah
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