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Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Mon Oct 2 11:00:06 EDT 2006

Thanks again Ray!

>> My stack has a
>> windowShape (basically a rectangle with rounded corners used to avoid
>> the standard controls), and when I lose that windowShape, your
>> suggestions either worked perfectly (visual effect) or were no longer
>> necessary (field insertion point.) And if I set the stack to no shape
>> and set the decorations to empty, the fields and effects still work!
>> So the new question is can a stack with a windowShape work properly
>> in Windows?  No mention in the docs about fields and visual effects
>> not working in stacks with windowShape.  I haven't tested it yet, but
>> my guess the shape also has to do with "move" not working well.  Any
>> ideas or experience with this?
> Sounds like a bug to me... having a unique windowShape shouldn't  
> affect
> whether a field gets a displayable insertion point or not, nor  
> should it
> affect how object-based visual effects are implemented.

After further fooling around, I think it must be a bug.  I have  
created new duplicate stacks from scratch and the result is the  
same.  With a unique windowShape, the built in visual effects are  
sporadic and buggy and I definitely can't get the insertion point  
blinking i-beam!

By not using the windowShape I can get around some of my problems in  
a way that I am at least satisfied, but not others.  Is there, for  
example, a way to get around the standard Windows closeStack dialog  
when the close window button is clicked?  So far I have tried

on closeStack
   do this
   do that
end closeStack

but I just get the standard Windows close dialog.
> Looking in Bugzilla, it appears that a report was made about visual  
> effects
> being broken with windowshape windows in OS X (Bug #3274), but this  
> was
> reported as fixed in 2.7. Perhaps the problem was also in Windows  
> and not
> reported there?
> And there is no entry AFAICT about the loss of an insertion point in
> windowShaped windows.
> So Lars, it sounds like you should create a couple of bug entries in
> Bugzilla... if you haven't done that before, contact me offlist and  
> I'll
> tell you how.

Klaus already taught me this about 18 months ago and  I think I can  
find his instructions again, but I am wondering whether this is  
worthwhile.  I am using 2.6 and will probably not get 2.7 for quite a  
while. I have no idea whether this problem exists in 2.7, and when I  
check for updates, it only says 2.7 is available for download,  
leading me to believe that should this still be a bug, it would not  
be fixed in 2.6.  I mean there must be countless bug fixes since I  
bought 2.6, but there are no updates for 2.6.  And again, I can't  
possibly know if this works in 2.7 and would be wasting the bug  
fixers valuable time by reporting it.

What to do?



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