Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at
Mon Oct 2 13:08:56 EDT 2006


As someone who has in fact used FileMaker to create a full-blown application
(though not of the standalone variety) on several occasions, I can attest to
at least much of what you say. My experience is all FMPro 5.5 and earlier,
so it is seriously outdated, but I always found FM to be really great up to
a point and then really difficult or impossible to get beyond some wall or
another. Deployment was always an issue for me even though I did spend a LOT
of time trying to understand and use the Web deployment approach. I ended up
contracting with an outfit that hosted FM solutions on their servers and
that not only cost way more than I thought it should, it was complex as all

It was nice to read a clearly knowledgeable update of the FM situation vis a
vis building database apps in FM vs. Rev. I appreciate the time you took to
create such a detailed and helpful response.


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