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In my classroom I have 6 machines.   Systems: 8 (1 machine), 9 (3  
machines), 10.3 (Emac) and 10.4 (iBook).  All are on our LAN.  Both  
the latter machines access Classic mode from time to time.  Schools  
still run OS 9 in many cases.  Quantifiable stats I don't have, but I  
know it's true.  Many of the older machines are on their last legs,  
but until they literally keel over, they will be in some state of use.


On Oct 1, 2006, at 5:12 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Mark Schonewille wrote:
> >> Mark Schonewille wrote:
> >>> I still know very many people, schools, firms etc. who still  
> haven't
> >>> spend the resources on replacing their ancient hardware...
> >>>
> >> Does Apple or any authoritative EDU body publish market stats
> >> quantifying this?
> >>
> >> It would be help ROI projections to have some idea in advance of
> >> how many people would be affected.
> >
> > Problem is, people who are on a tight budget are not very  
> interesting
> > to marketeers.
> Precisely why marketers would have a keen interest in quantifying  
> this. It would be invaluable to know the percentages of those  
> likely to buy products for OS X and those who haven't bought a new  
> computer in more than half a decade.
> If the number of people using OS 9 is anything close to as large as  
> it was two years ago, all projections for all OS X-based vendors  
> will produce a deficit for these companies unless they're able to  
> know and correct for this dormant submarket.
> For this reason it would seem very useful for a professional  
> marketing firm or major vendor to have put out the relatively minor  
> cost to quantify this submarket.
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