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Hi Luis,

I will read complete your answer later,
sorry busy now.

>> CALL to mySQL company, CALL to Paradigma Software.
>> Try negotiate special win-win deal.
> Can't afford long distance calls...

I did not mean phone call.
Okay use email :-))

>> Again I want underline, Lynn have develop perfect license for  Valentina, to
>> be able satisfy as $20-SHAREWARE developers, so small business and
>> educational market developers. And if your needs not fit our  license you
>> always can call to Lynn to make some special agreement.
> That is your point of view. I expressed my opinion towards connection
> costs. Why are special agreements necessary when it could be easily
> resolved without concessions? Why would there be a need to change
> your model on the basis of a conversation?

You say that you can offer idea of license, which can fairly satisfy
as DB vendor so db developer?

If yes, then please contact me and Lynn off list to discuss any ideas.

Best regards,

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