Read file with accented characters ?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon May 29 23:43:37 EDT 2006

Zax wrote:
> Thanks for your suggestion.
> I tried this function but results are not enough accurate.
> It's the same problem with all the functions I have already tried : I'm not
> able to recognize a MS Word document saved in "simple text" format from a
> BBEdit file saved in Mac format... And I need to recognize them because
> BBEdit files need to be translated with the built-in IsoToMac function.
> Any ideas ?

I think this is a different problem than detecting line endings. On 
Macs, you can check the creator and type of the files to see if they 
were created by MS Word or BBEdit. On Windows, you can check for the 
".doc" extension to see if it is a Word file.

To get the Mac file creator and type, use "the detailed files" (see 
"files" in the dictionary). The last item of the detailed files is the 
Mac creator and type codes.

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