The end of OS9 development

Martin Baxter mb.ur at
Tue May 9 06:04:00 EDT 2006

Thanks Mark,

That is the situation as I understood it too, but some comments in this 
thread could be taken as suggesting that others know or believe differently.

I agree with your comments. It is inevitable that OS9 support will be 
dropped at some point. But I do hope that due warning will be given 
before this happens, rather than after. We too have to plan ahead.

I am in the same position as you, with needing to support clients who 
run OS9. And I wouldn't criticise them for it because I understand their 
position, indeed I use OS9 myself for tasks where I have no compelling 
reason to upgrade existing software that works fine. Some time ago I 
moved much of my own work to WinXP to escape the crippling economics of 
Apple ownership. When it comes to the crunch I would probably advise my 
clients to consider that too, and only convert to X if they can afford 
to feed Apple on an annual basis.

Sounds like when the Classic engine actually arrives then I should 
upgrade while the going's good. :-)

Martin Baxter

Mark Schonewille wrote:
> Hello Martin,
> All I know about it, is from the web site. It says that Revolution 2.7 
> for Mac OS 9 will be released soon. Also, the standalone builder tells 
> me that an engine for Mac OS 9, as well as Linux and Unix, will be 
> available during the 2.7.x cycle.
> Although I completely understand that Mac OS 9 is frozen now, some of my 
> clients prefer to save as much money as possible on hardware and want me 
> to build standalones for their old machines. What I'm making for them 
> doesn't need a dual G5 or an Intel, they just need software that works. 
> Although I can make standalones by saving my work in legacy format and 
> building the Mac OS 9 standalone in Rev 2.6.1, it would save me time if 
> I could build all standalones at once. I hope that another two or three 
> releases will be made available for Mac OS 9, somehow, before RunRev Ltd 
> completely drops it.
> Best,
> Mark
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> Op 9-mei-2006, om 9:00 heeft Martin Baxter het volgende geschreven:
>> Mark Wieder wrote:
>>> Jeffrey-
>>> Sunday, May 7, 2006, 9:13:18 PM, you wrote:
>>>> All my education applications will have to be delivered with OS9 apps
>>>> for the next few years, its a fact i just cant get around. even the
>>> ...and therein lies the rub. Not only are there *very* few developers
>>> still cranking out OS9 apps, but there are no development tools
>>> currently shipping to produce them. If you haven't already got an old
>>> version of CodeWarrior or a rev 2.6.1 OS9 engine or something similar
>>> you're just not going to be making OS9 apps. And there's very little
>>> incentive to do so, given the increasingly smaller market.
>>> ...and I don't expect any OS9 rev engines any more, since they were
>>> built with CodeWarrior.
>> So what exactly is the status of Revolution on OS9? Has there been an 
>> announcement about it? The Runrev Site does not advertise 
>> compatibility, however you can order RR Studio Classic from the Rev 
>> online shop. If anybody knows, could they please tell.
>> Martin Baxter
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