The end of OS9 development

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue May 9 05:21:56 EDT 2006

Hello Martin,

All I know about it, is from the web site. It says that Revolution  
2.7 for Mac OS 9 will be released soon. Also, the standalone builder  
tells me that an engine for Mac OS 9, as well as Linux and Unix, will  
be available during the 2.7.x cycle.

Although I completely understand that Mac OS 9 is frozen now, some of  
my clients prefer to save as much money as possible on hardware and  
want me to build standalones for their old machines. What I'm making  
for them doesn't need a dual G5 or an Intel, they just need software  
that works. Although I can make standalones by saving my work in  
legacy format and building the Mac OS 9 standalone in Rev 2.6.1, it  
would save me time if I could build all standalones at once. I hope  
that another two or three releases will be made available for Mac OS  
9, somehow, before RunRev Ltd completely drops it.




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Op 9-mei-2006, om 9:00 heeft Martin Baxter het volgende geschreven:

> Mark Wieder wrote:
>> Jeffrey-
>> Sunday, May 7, 2006, 9:13:18 PM, you wrote:
>>> All my education applications will have to be delivered with OS9  
>>> apps
>>> for the next few years, its a fact i just cant get around. even the
>> ...and therein lies the rub. Not only are there *very* few developers
>> still cranking out OS9 apps, but there are no development tools
>> currently shipping to produce them. If you haven't already got an old
>> version of CodeWarrior or a rev 2.6.1 OS9 engine or something similar
>> you're just not going to be making OS9 apps. And there's very little
>> incentive to do so, given the increasingly smaller market.
>> ...and I don't expect any OS9 rev engines any more, since they were
>> built with CodeWarrior.
> So what exactly is the status of Revolution on OS9? Has there been  
> an announcement about it? The Runrev Site does not advertise  
> compatibility, however you can order RR Studio Classic from the Rev  
> online shop. If anybody knows, could they please tell.
> Martin Baxter

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