OT: Apple at 30 - My Piece of the Big Fruit

Jim Carwardine JimCarwardine at OwnYourFuture-net.com
Fri Mar 31 15:30:40 EST 2006

A friend and I were responsible for the introduction of Macs to Saudi
Arabia.  In about 1985, he came to me with this article on the Mac Plus and
said, hey look at this.  Want to get one?  We went to the local Apple dealer
- yes, there were Apple IIs in Saudi.  The dealer told he wouldn't order any
unless we could come up with an order for 60.  So we went around and found
60 people who would buy one - $3900 US as I recall - and we brought them in.

A year or so later, Apple came out with MacProject and I used it to create
and manage a disaster recovery system for Aramco (THE oil company) where we
were able to recover yesterday's production (all 7 terabytes of it) and
rerun all the reports within 26 hours of bringing the backup tapes on site.
It was so remarkable that our mainframe supplier - IBM - brought their IBM
Europe brass to Saudi to see us demo our system and they all sat in our
boardroom watching a Mac Plus do it's magic... Jim

 3/31/06 3:04 AM, Judy Perry wrote:

> Yeah, I'm remembering now that my $100 1 MB RAM upgrade probably didn't
> come through legit channels...  a friend of the spousal unit made it
> happen...
> Judy
> On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, jeffrey reynolds wrote:
>> I remember getting my 2mb upgrade for my SE to go to 2.5mb in 1988.
>> it cost $350 through the berkeley education program (i was a grad
>> student then). it was right when there was that short, but big,
>> memory price spike (i think it was a fake shortage thing by some
>> overseas suppliers) and when the chips were delivered the street
>> price on them was up over $1000. as i walked out of the campus office
>> where i picked up the little package with the simms, there were
>> literally about a dozen professors in the hall outside trying to buy
>> simms off folks since they were very hard to get. I could have made a
>> fast $500-600 profit if i had been willing to part with them then
>> bought them a couple of months later for like $250. being the
>> lifetime propeller head i am i resisted. that was a month of grad
>> student pay!
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