OT: Apple at 30 - My Piece of the Big Fruit

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Fri Mar 31 02:04:13 EST 2006

Yeah, I'm remembering now that my $100 1 MB RAM upgrade probably didn't
come through legit channels...  a friend of the spousal unit made it


On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, jeffrey reynolds wrote:

> I remember getting my 2mb upgrade for my SE to go to 2.5mb in 1988.
> it cost $350 through the berkeley education program (i was a grad
> student then). it was right when there was that short, but big,
> memory price spike (i think it was a fake shortage thing by some
> overseas suppliers) and when the chips were delivered the street
> price on them was up over $1000. as i walked out of the campus office
> where i picked up the little package with the simms, there were
> literally about a dozen professors in the hall outside trying to buy
> simms off folks since they were very hard to get. I could have made a
> fast $500-600 profit if i had been willing to part with them then
> bought them a couple of months later for like $250. being the
> lifetime propeller head i am i resisted. that was a month of grad
> student pay!

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