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Thursday, March 30, 2006, 8:20:41 AM, you wrote:

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> So GroupControlX: ISM_InitializeObject would be called needlessly
> (maybe causing damage) three extra times

If GroupControlX has its background behavior set as true then that's
the correct behavior. And it's what you want. If you don't want that
then either: don't put ISM_InitializeObject in a background group; or
don't make groups with ISM_InitializeObject handlers have background
behavior (I think these are the same thing).

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> Given that the above is correct, e.g. the message passes to the
> Control, then Group, then Card, then Stack only calling the next  
> level up if the handler is defined or it "passes" the message then  
> what happens in the library stack? Does it follow the same control/

Richard Gaskin's da man. In addition to his writeup at
he did the Online Scripting Conference stack on the same subject:

Note also that library stacks are essentially peers at the
just-behind-the-mainstack level, i.e., handlers in a library stack can
call handlers in another library stack as if it were in the same
stack. The difference is that the order of loading libraries has a
bearing on which handler gets called when.

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