ODBC connection to MS SQL 2000 help needed

mfstuart at cox.net mfstuart at cox.net
Thu Mar 30 19:19:59 EST 2006

Hi Mark,

I voted on this bug using RevZilla. 
BTW: how many times can one vote on a bug? 
The option in RevZilla allows me to vote as many times as I want – with the count option. 

Well, after reading the bug Description, I’m getting a little disappointed with Rev Studio 
for database access. I’m loving the rest of the features, but these are serious flaws in the product
from a company that markets their software as a RAD database development tool.

Here’s a snippet from the following RunRev web site that drew me to finally buy the product:

>From the 3rd paragraph of the 4th section titled “Rapid prototyping & database GUIs”:

“With full support for databases, including access to open source databases such as MySQL, 
you can build a custom database solution for your business in minutes. 
Access the database using our point and click tools. Add more complex functionality or 
get right down to the SQL itself. Add any level of client functionality, 
making your solution perform like a true application.”

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