Problems with revcopyfile

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Thu Mar 30 17:43:44 EST 2006

>   revCopyFile "/Content/rubyonrails.pdf",filePath

The key is the Rev defaultfolder definition.
That is the starting point for the relative path you have.

On the Mac, the full file path starts above "/Content"
This would work on the Mac if your (Rev defaultfolder) contained a folder
Content/ which contained rubyonrails.pdf


Try each of the following in the message box

put the defaultfolder  (mine shows "/Applications/Revolution 2.6.1")
if there is a file "Sample Icons/revapp.ico" then put "found"
if there is a file "/Sample Icons/revapp.ico" then put "found"

--note the leading slash--
Hope this helps you with paths cross-platform.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 3/30/06 12:36 PM, "Jonathan Kotthoff" <jonkotthoff at> wrote:

> This does not seem like it should be this hard...I must be missing
> something...i am running 2.7 making a simple stack that will copy a
> file to a target on Winows XP and Mac OS X.4...
> here is the code:
> on mouseUp
>    -- bring up a standard system "save as" file selector
>    ask file "Save file as:"
> -- if the user cancels, exit without saving
>    if it is empty then exit mouseUp
>    -- put it into filePath
>    put it into filePath
> -- Copy file
>   revCopyFile "/Content/rubyonrails.pdf",filePath
> end mouseUp
> no file is copied to the target folder however...
> anybody have an example of a stack that copies or an explanation
> Thanks in advance...
> Jonathan
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