OS X System Crash using 2.7 build 192

Joe Brillhart joebrillhart at mac.com
Thu Mar 30 16:43:31 EST 2006


I have recently had two rather ugly system crashes using Revolution  
2.7. Both occurrences seem to be related to Documentation/Help.  On  
the first occasion I was attempting to right click on a transcript  
word to look up further information in the transcript dictionary,  
(which, by the way seems to only work sporadically in OS X). When I  
right clicked on the word, my entire desktop went blue (no finder!)  
with nothing but the small shutdown timer on it that went into an  
endless rotation. The second occasion, I clicked on the Documentation  
icon on the Revolution menubar and the same thing happened after a  
short duration spinning beach ball. The occurrences were about a week  
apart.  Both times I was working on a stack and writing a script for  
an object.  I have never seen any application on OS X do this to the  
operating system so it seems to be pretty major.

I am running OS X version 10.4.5 on a dual 800 G4 with 1.5GB of RAM.

I've checked the list for any other references to this type crash and  
was not able to find any. I did find some references to Revolution  
crashing when clicking the table icon in the Property Inspector. That  
happened  to me also but when that occurs it locks up Revolution and  
the system which is much different to this. I learned quickly not to  
click on that icon as a work around,  but not using the documentation  
is a little too big of a work around.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Joe Brillhart
joebrillhart at mac.com

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