preOpenStack, openStack in Card 1?? Rules conformation.

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Thu Mar 30 16:23:15 EST 2006


You seem to have opened (a small but tangible) Pandora's box.
Several responses confidently talk about the "openStack" being
sent to Card 1.

Either of two things :

1 - They only have 1 card stacks ....... (so it works !)
2 - They don't read the same documentation as I do
       (Rev 2.6.1 Build 152 - Documentation - Dictionary - OpenStack)

The doc clearly states "the destination card". As I often :

            "go to card "x" of (sub)stack "y"

I assume this means "the openStack script in whatever card
you FIRST go to in the stack" This could cause a problem if
you have an "openstack" in a sub-stack .... !

This bugged me until I found a workaround (see my previous mail).

Do I read correctly, or have I got it all wrong ?

I await comments from (certainly not older, but) wiser users !


"Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"

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