Palettes and the defaultMenuBar

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Thu Mar 30 16:07:48 EST 2006

--- Graham Samuel <livfoss at> wrote:
> I have a stack acting as the main window of an app,
> accompanied by a  
> couple of palettes, one as a toolbar the other as a
> display. These  
> palettes don't have their own menus, but when I
> click on one of them,  
> the menubar which I have set for the main window is
> replaced by a  
> defaultMenuBar which I created to give a minimal
> 'Quit' and 'Help'  
> for some subsidiary windows. It seems I can't set
> the menubar of my  
> palettes to the main menu group in my main stack
> (this is not legal  
> Transcript), so how can I stop the switch taking
> place? So far I've  
> only thought of somehow zapping the defaultMenuBar
> whenever the main  
> window appears. Is this the solution other people
> use?
> Graham

Hi Graham,

You should be able to set the defaultMenubar to the
main menbar group of your mainStack upon preOpenStack
of your standalone.
That way, any stack that doesn't have its own menubar
will display the menubar of your mainStack.
Or have you tried that and it didn't work properly?

Jan Schenkel.

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