changing btn names at the stack level?

Ben Bock benbock at
Wed Mar 29 13:44:12 EST 2006

I have a 15 card stack with 31 buttons per page (15 yes, 15 no, 1 Go next card).  When I made this stack I screw up and did not name the buttons when copy& pasting them.  I want the YES label buttons to be named "1" and the NO label buttons named "0".  Can I do this with a script, preferably at the stack level?

My current effort is at the card level:

on openCard

    put the number of btns into btnCount

  repeat with x = 1 to btnCount

    put the label of btn x into labelList

    repeat for each line tGroup in labelList

      if  label of btn x is "YES" then

        set the Name of btn label tGroup of cd x to "1"

      end if

    end repeat

  end repeat

end openCard

I'm a newby to programming and Rev, & I'm learning Rev mostly from this user list.  If there is some dorky mistake in my attempt, please excuse and school me properly.



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