How to use an image as cursor

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Mar 29 08:25:02 EST 2006

Dag Willem,

> Thanks Jonathan,
> That sounds like a good idea.
> So far I used the code:
> on mousemove
> set the loc of img "cursor.gif" to the mouseloc
> end mousemove
> But how do I position the image one pixel below the image?
> Something with Topleft?


set cursor to none
## so no cursor is drawn and you don't have to
## deal with any "mini" cursor at all :-)

lock cursor
## Important!

Ant then:

on mousemove x,y
   set the topleft of img "cursor.gif" to x,y
end mousemove

Or whereever you want your cursor...

> greetings,
> William de Smet


Klaus Major
klaus at

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