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Tue Mar 28 03:51:29 EST 2006

Judy Perry  wrote:

> Indeed, Dan & Dennis, isn't this one of THE primary differences between
> the way DOS was designed/improved and the Mac OS?
> I wish I could cite chapter and verse at this point, but, I'm brain-dead
> (okay -- I'll say it before any of you: more brain-dead than usual), and
> yet I could all but swear that I read somewhere that the Mac OS (and, all
> if not most successive GUIs by implication) were designed *specifically*
> to encourage mouse-based as opposed to type-based interaction styles.

Ideally they would do well with both.  One benefit of the keyboard over 
the mouse is that the buttons don't move around. :)

A lot of it depends on the task.  If you're doing a lot of typing you 
don't want to take your hands off the home row to go fiddle with a mouse.

Also, blind customers need keyboard access for all features (though 
sadly I've had little luck getting my Rev-based apps to work with screen 
reader software).

One thing I gotta say in favor of the Win HIG is how Microsoft 
repeatedly stresses the importance of having all features accessible 
from BOTH the keyboard and the mouse.  For all of Apple's push on 
accessibility, it wasn't until Tiger that they made all controls 
keyboard-accessible, and even then it's an option you need to find and 
turn on.

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