Graham Samuel livfoss at
Wed Mar 29 08:47:17 EST 2006

In my continuing search for a multi-page printing solution, I was  
amazed to find the following in the Dictionary for RR 2.7.0:

> revPrintText
> Syntax: revPrintText textToPrint[,headerText[,footerText 
> [,fieldTemplate]]]
> Library: Printing library
> See also:   answer printer command , print command , revPrintField  
> command , revShowPrintDialog command
> Summary:
> Prints formatted or unformatted text.
> revPrintText "Hello world"

[and a lot more besides, including headers and footers..]

What amazed me was that nobody had mentioned it before, while I was  
writing arcane enquiries to the list about counting lines, short  
final pages etc.

Anyway, early tests suggest that it mostly works, although clearly it  
is a bit limited, and it's also a bit temperamental (e.g. if you feed  
it a parameter it doesn't like - even one which is legal according to  
the documentation - it just puts up the print dialog and then fails  
to print anything, while 'the result' stays empty; sometimes it seems  
to refuse to print for no apparent reason, particularly if it is  
invoked twice in successive lines of script - a buffering problem?;  
and I have a feeling it likes to change the print margins without  
telling you about it), but I think it may well have solved a lot of  
problems that I was trying to solve in a very much more complicated  
way. I'm still testing. Much the same behaviour on the Mac so far, BTW.

Has anyone else any experience of this command (well, I suppose  
strictly it's a handler in the printing library)?


Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK and France

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