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Wed Mar 29 11:35:14 EST 2006

On Wed, 29 Mar 2006 09:45:25 -0600,  "J. Landman Gay"  
<jacque at> wrote:
> There's "revPrintField" too in case you need it. I guess when you were
> asking about printing, I assumed that you knew about these commands  
> and
> they didn't meet your needs, so you wanted to write your own. When I
> mentioned the trick of setting the formatForPrinting of the
> templateStack and said "that's how the IDE does it", I was refering to
> these two Rev commands.
> I guess we could have saved you some trouble by not assuming anything.

Hi Jacque

I certainly didn't intend to suggest anyone had been lacking in  
helpfulness - I am truly grateful of every bit of advice I get from  
this excellent list. I was just kind of surprised when I found out  
that most of what I wanted to do had already been packaged up by RR!

Sadly though, since writing my first mail about revPrintText, I've  
done some experiments and I can't get it to work consistently on the  
PC (Windows XP). I always get the print dialog, correctly pointing at  
my default printer (which works fine with other applications), but  
when I select 'Print' I may or may not get a printout, and sometimes  
I get a printout which looks as if it's formatted as in the previous  
attempt to use the command. In these situations the print queue is  
always empty before my call to revPrintField so it's not a matter of  
the OS stacking up requests. I can't seem to get a foolproof recipe  
for this "can't print, won't print" situation, so I will just have to  
go back to my home-grown efforts.

Incidentally I do now know that there's revPrintField, but that won't  
do headers and footers so it wouldn't suit my particular purpose.


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