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Thu Mar 23 12:20:20 EST 2006

On 3/23/06 11:00 AM, "Levi Kendall" <ljk144 at> wrote:

> Hello again,
> Has anyone out there done paragraph level formatting in Rev by some other
> method to get around this severe limitation in the software?  I know I've
> already asked about this a while back, but I'm curious if anyone has made
> any significant progress on having a "useable" workaround.  I'm trying to
> figure out if I can use Rev for a couple of major commercial products but
> this lack of a basic feature is cripling my ability to use Rev since I need
> basic word processing abilities.  Thanks.

The only approach that would work would be to create individual fields for
each paragraph behind the scenes and group them together in a group to make
them appear as if they're all in the same field.

A lot of work, and no one has done it AFAIK. I think we're all just waiting
for paragraph-level formatting from RunRev...


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