Zoom/maximize box

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 16:27:06 EST 2006

> In my app I manipulate screen elements when the user resizes the
> window. For scaling Rev objects, the Geometry manager works well. I
> do intercept and pass the resizeStack message to do a couple of
> things, for example, reset the tabstops in a field, and redraw the
> altBrowser pane. I use liveResizing simply out of personal
> preference. It all works!
> Except...when I click that darn zoom box. On both Mac and Win
> platforms, this causes my resizeStack handlers to fail. The Geometry
> manager works, and I can see in the Message Watcher that resizeStack
> is being sent, but for some reason there is no action. When I click
> the box again to toggle back to the old size, BOOM, the items are
> redrawn too big, reflecting the prior window size. The minute I grab
> and drag the resize area in the lower right of the window, everything
> snaps back to normal.
> So, what am I missing? Is there a message sent or some other way to
> know specifically when the zoom box has been clicked?

This works for me, but I don't use any Geometry Manager settings, I
always do all my own resizing.

Do you have the resizeStack message using it's parameters for the new
width & height or are you getting them from the stack's properties?
Maybe the properties aren't updated until after the maximize is
finished, but using the parameters works fine here.

There is an "iconifyStack" message sent when you minimize, but I don;t
think there is a message for maximizing apart from resizeStack.


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