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Jim Hurley jhurley at infostations.com
Fri Mar 17 16:25:15 EST 2006

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>From: Mark Talluto <userev at canelasoftware.com>
>Subject: Draw spokes on a wheel
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>Hello everyone,
>I need a little help drawing spokes to a wheel.  This is actually 
>used in a vision test.  I have an image here to help illustrate the 
>madness.  I am sure someone like Jim Ault is shaking his head right
>now.  <http://www.canelasoftware.com/pub/rev/astig.jpg>
>I have been using an image, but would like to offer the ability to 
>adjust the line length and thickness.  The new antialiasing feature 
>will also be handy.  Thanks for any input.
>Mark Talluto
>CANELA Software


You  may be able to guess what my  solution might be; that's right 
Turtle Graphics.

on mouseUp
   put 12 into tNumSpokes
   put 100 into tLengthSpokes
   repeat 360/tNumSpokes
     forward tLengthSpokes
     back tLengthSpokes
     left 360/tNumSpokes
   end repeat
end mouseUp

Paste this handler into a button in the stack:

go url "http://home.infostations.net/jhurley/StopTurtles.rev"

Or if you want something like the clock in your graphic;

go url "http://home.infostations.net/jhurley/Build_a_clock.rev"

There are lots of variations possible.


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