Can't delete standalone in Windows

Thierry Arbellot thierry.arbellot at
Tue Mar 14 15:50:30 EST 2006

Hi Steve,

I had sometimes the same problem when I copy the standalone from the 
Mac to the PC through the network (I connect from the Mac and the PC is 
mounted as a network disk).
MacOS may lock the copied file on the PC. I must eject the PC to unlock 
the file.
Hope it helps

On 2006, Mar 14, , at 21:09, Stgoldberg at wrote:

> Recently I've noted a problem on building standalones (on my Mac OS X 
> using
> Rev 2.7) and moving them to Windows. While the standalones work on 
> Windows, if
> I try to move them to the trash in Windows, I get a message:
> "Cannot delete (the program). Access is denied.   Make sure the disk 
> is not
> full or write protected and that the file in not currently in use."
> The problem is that the file is not in use, I have about 200gb of   
> disk
> space, there is no password needed to access the computer, and I do 
> not have this
> problem with other kinds of files.   The only way I can trash the 
> files is to
> restart the computer and try again. I do not know if this is a problem 
> with
> Revolution or with my Windows computer. Any suggestions?   Thanks.
> Steve Goldberg
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