Can't delete standalone in Windows

Peter T. Evensen pevensen at
Tue Mar 14 15:52:47 EST 2006

Hit ctrl-alt-delete and look for your standalone in the task 
manager.   I've had times where all the windows close but for some reason, 
the application is still "running."  If you find it there, you can force 
quit it, and then you should be able to trash the standalone.

This seems to usually happen if a script error occurs in the runtime that 
prevents a stack from appearing, I think.

At 02:09 PM 3/14/2006, you wrote:
>Recently I've noted a problem on building standalones (on my Mac OS X using
>Rev 2.7) and moving them to Windows. While the standalones work on 
>Windows, if
>I try to move them to the trash in Windows, I get a message:
>"Cannot delete (the program). Access is denied.   Make sure the disk is not
>full or write protected and that the file in not currently in use."
>The problem is that the file is not in use, I have about 200gb of   disk
>space, there is no password needed to access the computer, and I do not 
>have this
>problem with other kinds of files.   The only way I can trash the files is to
>restart the computer and try again. I do not know if this is a problem with
>Revolution or with my Windows computer. Any suggestions?   Thanks.
>Steve Goldberg
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