standalone [pc/win] dialog bug

Alex Shaw alex at
Sun Mar 12 11:05:17 EST 2006


Getting a few annoying problems with a current project with standalones 
on windows (ok on mac) using 2.6.1 & 2.7

I have invisible main stack which i create as a standalone. This stack 
loads a splash stack which in turn loads various other module stacks 
(including the one in which all interaction happens).

The problem:
All the text in the dialog windows (ask or answer) are underlined, even 
the input field.. do i need to define default text styles in the main 
stack to be linked as an exe?

Another problem which happens after a varied period of use in the 
standalone & rev ide is the cursor disappearing when within any stack or 
ide windows and a small black square appearing either in the top left of 
the screen or the top left of the current stack.. this then almost 
immediately leads to more screen corruption and I have to restart the 
ide or exe.

I thought it may be the way i had a invisible exe stack launching a 
splash so i quickly threw together a brand new test launch & splash 
stack using the same priciples, with a single ask button on the splash.. 
things worked ok

Tested on 4 pcs.. 2 win2000s & 2 xps.. all same problems. Again not 
getting it on the macs.. Anyway first time i've encountered both.. I've 
had a quick look thru my digest archives & bugzilla but haven't found 
any answers..

..any suggestions?


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