MIDI-USB Input & Rev Media?

Peter Reid preid at reidit.co.uk
Sun Mar 12 10:14:25 EST 2006

I'm thinking of doing a project with my son that involves connecting 
an electronic drum kit up to his iBook (running OS X 10.4.x) via a 
USB-MIDI interface.  What he wants to do is sense drum beats and 
display different images and play different sounds based on what drum 
pads the user strikes. In particular, he wants to sense a drum beat 
and use that as a trigger to change the images on display and 
stop/start different sound tracks.

Firstly, can anyone point me in the right direction for sensing the 
drum input via a USB-MIDI adapter.

Secondly, could this project be done using the new Rev Media product? 
I have a full Enterprise licence, but my son doesn't have a licence 
for Rev and yet he'd like to be involved in the actual programming. 
So he'll need a Rev licence as well.  As he's a student, he hasn't 
got a lot of spare cash and so Rev Media would be ideal, rather than 
having to buy Rev Studio (there doesn't seem to be a single-user 
educational price for Studio).  However, can this be done with Rev 
Media or are there too many restrictions for this type of project?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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