copy from a locked, focusable fld under Windows

André.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at
Fri Mar 10 13:37:54 EST 2006

Hi !
I have fields that are set to "lock text", "focusable" and "auto hilite 
I want that users be able to select a part of text and to copy it in 
order to paste it elsewhere (for ex. in a Word document).

All works well with Mac :
1 - draging or (clicking at the beginning of the text and  
shift-clicking at the end) >  the text is selected
2 then,  "Copy" in the "Edit" menu, or "Apple C" put the text into the 

With Windows system, friends who are testing my app.  report that Ctrl 
C does not work.

I tried a button "bCopy" ( do the name of me) with the following 
handler in the stack script :
on bCopy
   if there is no selection then
    answer "Nothing selected"
    exit bCopy
    copy the selectedText
    answer "Your selected text is in the clipboard"
    end if
end bCopy

It works well on Mac but not on Windows.

Any idea to get it on Windows

Thanks a lot in advance

Best regards from Grenoble

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