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Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Mar 10 13:17:54 EST 2006

Mvreade wrote:

> So the quesiton is, how good of an environment to work on is it?

The version you are probably using, 2.7, is only recently released and 
as such still has some fixes to go through. Many of us are still on 
2.6.1 waiting for the next dot release to switch over.
> And how stable are the final applications?

I've not had any problems with final apps and we've created quite a few.

> For users who have used Rev for databases, I was wondering what it's
> like to develop a system with, say, 20 tables and lots or
> relationships and methods?
> Where would one store all the methods?

You can use Trevor Devore's excellent (and free!) libDatabase at:

to help you with your functions and handlers.

> For relationships, would one just keep a VERYlong list of Database
> Queries?
> Finally, does any one know if Runtime Revolution Ltd has any plans to
> have a connection to an open source, embeddable database, such as
> SQLite?

We sell an a Rev DB SQLite connector which also has a great overall Rev 
DB tutorial...takes 5 minutes. You can check it out at:


Chipp Walters

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