Latest Version of RunRev for Mac OS 9???

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Fri Mar 10 10:27:00 EST 2006

I wonder what that exactly means: no 2.7.0 but 2.7.1. or 2.7.2 or no 
2.7.x at all.

If the latters, RunRev could be accused of false advertisement. I 
wonder whether that is the same offense in Scotland as it is in the 
US. Furthermore, if they were planning not to have any 2.7.x release, 
why would they remove 2.6.x?

I guess I am trying to stay optimistic and see their action in best 
possible light :)

>Here is exactly what Heather told me...
>I am not expecting to see a 2.7 Classic version of Revolution I'm afraid.
>on 3/7/06 4:09 PM, Robert Brenstein wrote:
>>>  Hi Dave... It's Rev 2.6.1 and you have to ask Heather directly.  It's
>>>  doubtful that 2.7 or later will get to OS 9... Jim
>>  I hope you are wrong, Jim. And the RR web site states that OS9
>>  version is coming, whatever that means.
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