._ files

Robert Brenstein rjb at robelko.com
Thu Mar 9 16:21:38 EST 2006

>But many OS X apps (even some from Apple?) don't set the Finder 
>info, relying on OS X's preference to determine type from the file 
>type extension in the name.

Many don't but many still do. Many set both, type and suffix. :)

>I still feel it would be useful to allow users to be in control of 
>these additional files.  It makes it cumbersome to use any non-Apple 
>Flash drive, work with multi-platform networks, etc.  Not allowing 
>that control just makes Apple look bad, lending credence to the old 
>lightbulb joke:
>  Richard Gaskin
>  Managing Editor, revJournal

Well, yes, it would be nice, but then it would create new issues tot 
ackle. One one hand, to explain to users when to say yes and when to 
say no. On the other hand, to implement it in the interface cleanly. 
Like if I copy a folder with 100 files and need this extra file for 
only 3 of the files, then what? In a way, it is simpler to just have 
the extra file and tell people that it is needed for OSX. In my mind, 
it is not that different from the mysteries of long and short 
variants of filenames in Windows.


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