2.7 bugs

Dave Beck dave at crystalpiersw.com
Thu Mar 9 16:59:10 EST 2006

> The first of those will smooth out the handful of rough edges in 2.7 that
> have been reported, and then we'll be tackling some other areas that have
> attracted feedback for a longer period of time.  The first such point
> release is right around the corner now, so please wait patiently for a
> short while as we get that together.

Along with the "rough edges" being smoothed out I am looking forward to the
gaping chasm being filled in that is preventing me from upgrading. That
chasm would be the crashes associated with copying, pasting, and editing
text that are present in the Win XP and it seems to a lesser extend in the
Mac OS version. As long as that chasm exists it is not prudent to upgrade.



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