(Revenge of) [direct access with Rev built-in SQL] vs. [server-sidescripts] to access a multiuser remote DB

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Tue Mar 7 14:55:25 EST 2006


I hadn't seen your page before (I'm not usually on this list) so I will
take a look.  Yep, I've tried both (cgi versus direct).  Pierre likes the
indirect method of your x Talk CGI calling another stack which is using
the direct access library so then you could potentially re-use much of the
same code in a client app, and a cgi method.

I've also used bash scripts writing out SQL and calling psql (mysql) from
the command line, which is again easier for me than perl, php, etc.

I prefer to put the code in the client app, easier yet I think.  (as you
say, no switching gears).  but what about security?  well you set up your
database so access is limited to one user, and you set the password field
in the build stand alone settings so the connection info in the executable
is encrypted.  Also, use SSL.

I feel that covers it but I would not be surprised if people dispute this;
security is getting tougher.


> Thanks to everyone who made very helpful comments and voted in the
> poll (http://revcoders.org/database-access/), but now there's a new
> twist:
> We've found the config option that lets us open a MySQL database to
> any IP (not just "localhost").
> So what I'm searching for is a "best practices" recommendation for a
> multiuser app with a DB back end.
> Options are:
> #1. send commands using LibURL from Rev to PHP scripts on the server,
> the PHP scripts interact with the database, then send results back to
> Rev
> #2. Use the built-in SQL commands of Rev to directly access the
> database remotely
> I have been doing #1, which is working fine, speed is very fast,
> seems faster than a browser (!), but it is a bit of a headache
> switching gears to write PHP scripts.
> So I'm thinking of switching to #2...
> Has anyone tried both? Would anyone recommend going one way or the
> other? Any distinct advantages?
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