DRM for Images and Text in Stacks

sims sims at ezpzapps.com
Tue Mar 7 15:13:14 EST 2006

At 1:53 PM -0600 3/7/06, Ken Ray wrote:
>On 3/7/06 1:05 PM, "Sivakatirswami" <katir at hindu.org> wrote:
>>  well, the point is to protect it *also* when looking in the REv's IDE
>>  inspector.
>>  If you  put the images into customProps and then put a password on
>>  the stack... will that prevent uses who have the IDE from getting at
>>  them? (I'll try it.)
>No, they can get to them, but they won't know what how to decipher the
>binary data you put in there.

Would this solve your problem...

Make copies of all the stacks which contain the media.

Take the second batch which will be given out with the application, place
in the stack script -  if the environment is development then quit.

Wouldn't the file be accessible to your standalone but not in the IDE?

If you need to modify those files, use your backup copy which does
not have that stack script.

Is there anything wrong with this strategy?


European Rev Conference  2006

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