(Revenge of) [direct access with Rev built-in SQL] vs. [server-side scripts] to access a multiuser remote DB

Josh Mellicker josh at dvcreators.net
Tue Mar 7 14:24:26 EST 2006

Thanks to everyone who made very helpful comments and voted in the  
poll (http://revcoders.org/database-access/), but now there's a new  

We've found the config option that lets us open a MySQL database to  
any IP (not just "localhost").

So what I'm searching for is a "best practices" recommendation for a  
multiuser app with a DB back end.

Options are:

#1. send commands using LibURL from Rev to PHP scripts on the server,  
the PHP scripts interact with the database, then send results back to  

#2. Use the built-in SQL commands of Rev to directly access the  
database remotely

I have been doing #1, which is working fine, speed is very fast,  
seems faster than a browser (!), but it is a bit of a headache  
switching gears to write PHP scripts.

So I'm thinking of switching to #2...

Has anyone tried both? Would anyone recommend going one way or the  
other? Any distinct advantages?

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